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XPANDVISION customers and partners include some of the most progressive and successful technology and entertainment brands in the world today. HP, JVC, Mitsubishi and Panasonic look to XPANDVISION for OEM solutions; cinema pioneers like Arclight, Santikos and Cinepolis are clients; Samsung, Sony and Panasonic are collaborators on the Full HD 3D joint initiative and Volfoni, among others, licenses XPANDVISION Cinema technology.

Governments, municipalities, universities and school boards in developed and emerging markets are customers of XPANDVISION’s education technology&content; programs whereas many of the world’s leading hospitals, design firms and industrial and scientific organizations are clients of XPANDVISION’s commercial solutions.

XPANDVISION has been active partner of the Montreal Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival and an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival and sponsor of the Venice Film Festival.

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