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Sergej Racman, CEO

Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of XPANDVISION, Mr. Racman has a comprehensive background in financial industry with a variety of executive and management positions in banking, insurance and investment companies.

Having played an important role in modernization of cinema in his native Slovenia, he facilitated his knowing of entertainment business to establish XPAND 3D in 2006. Incorporating his curious mind and education background with his enterpreneurial skills, he made XPANDVISION one of the most prominent global cinema technology companies.

Mr. Racman is an engineer of physics and mathematics. He has also received education from London School of Economics.

Boyd MacNaughton, Chief Technology Officer

Boyd MacNaughton is the Chief Technology Officer of XPANDVISION and serves as a non-executive officer on the Board of Director, has over 40 years of experience in the display industry and was one of the inventors of modern 3D stereoscopy. Boyd MacNaughton is an acknowledged pioneer in the development and manufacture of LCD glasses. In 2004 he was approached by the Walt Disney Company, George Lucas and James Cameron to show digital 3D cinema for the first time—a demonstration that started modern 3D as we know it today. He has a BS degree in Physics from Harvey Mudd College and a MS degree in physics from the University of Southern California.

Alain Rémond, President of sales, EMEA & USA

Passionate about Audio-Visual and Cinema technologies, Alain Rémond joined Barco in 1990 when he became France General Manager.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, he has been actively involved in the emergence of digital cinema in Europe and participated with the CST to establish the first ISO standards for digital cinema. He also took an active part in the deployment of digital cinema in theaters.

In 2009, convinced that 3D is the future of the cinema industry, he joined XPANDVISION to manage the sales and business development of XPANDVISION 3D technologies in various professional and consumers markets.

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