3D Education

3D in a Classroom?

If you are a teacher you have already heard about the benefits of 3D education:

Comparing two groups of children, one taking 2D and the other a 3D lesson, the researchers have come upon amazing results. The lesson, which normally requires two to three class periods to complete, was taught in just one class period. The test results were astounding: in the first classroom (normal lesson), the control group test scores increased 9.7 percent.
But the group that received its lesson in 3D saw a 35 percent increase!

3D Classroom

So why doesn’t your school have a 3D classroom YET?

You may have heard adopting 3D in the classroom is a complicated process. Or that there isn’t enough content. We at XPANDVISION™ can answer all your questions: we offer complete package – a turn-key solution, or you can just select the products that you need. From hardware to world’s best 3D education content – it’s all there ready to convert your classroom into a learning power-house. Check out our all new programme, called XPANDVISION™ Insta3D Classroom!

Need more information?

If you have questions you might want to check out our FAQ page. Also, don’t forget to check the XPANDVISION™ InstaDome brochure. Finally, you are welcome to to contact us, should you have further questions.


XPANDVISION™ (DLP®-Link™) 3D Glasses
XPANDVISION™ (DLP®-Link™) 3D Glasses, the new member of XPANDVISION™ Lite Family, were designed on the basis of XPANDVISION’s home cinema quality 3D Glasses model to offer the same line of 3D glasses for single chip DLP® projectors and televisions using DLP®-Link™ 3D communication.

XPANDVISION™ Edux 3 3D Glasses (DLP®-Link 3D Glasses)
The first generation of XPANDVISION™ DLP®-Link 3D Glasses, XPANDVISION™ Edux 3 3D Glasses feature a light frame, new frame colour and replaceable battery. Edux 3 3D Glasses are powered by standard button-cell CR2032 battery!

XPANDVISION™ Insta3D Classroom
XPANDVISION™ Insta3D Classroom is a simple and straight-forward 3D educational package with four key elements: a laptop, a projector, glasses and 3D content.

XPANDVISION™ White Flash Converter
XPANDVISION™ White Flash Converter (WF-VC-1) is a small interface unit, which is useful when a classroom is equipped with a DLP®-Link projector but the classroom is too big for the DLP®-Link 3D signal to cover the entire room, resulting in some students seated further away from the screen not being able to see 3D. XPANDVISION™ White Flash Converter can be used to capture the DLP®-Link 3D signal and transform it to one, which is understood by XPANDVISION’s IR and RF emitters. So an XPANDVISION™ IR or RF emitter (or even passive systems) can be connected to the converter, thereby dramatically increasing the range of 3D signal coverage.

3Doodler 2.0
3Doodler is the world’s first 3D printer in the shape of pen and it’s an excellent addition to teaching. It can either be used by a teacher to explain concepts and create objects that make learning more tangible.



How 3D Works
Human eye normally sees things in 3D. But how does that happen? What makes us see the spatial depth?

Ways to see 3D
Since the 50’s there has been a huge leap in the 3D technology – and still today there are a couple of them.

XPANDVISION™ Active Shutter 3D
So how does XPANDVISION™ technology recreate 3D and why it is the best 3D technology in the world today?


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