XpanD Powers 3D Cinema in Xtreme Cinemas in Czech Republic

March 27, 2009
XpanD, an international industry leader in 3D digital cinema technology, powered four Xtreme Cinema theaters in the Czech Republic to provide top-quality 3D movie-going experiences.

XpanD's new X101 series 3D glasses and other system components were installed by Xtreme Cinema's technical support and service arm, XCData Ltd., in theaters in Prague, Louny, Sokolov and Dobrany.

"We are extremely pleased to ally with Xtreme Cinemas in providing leading edge, digital 3D cinema in the highest quality presentation format to moviegoers in Eastern Europe," says XpanD CEO Maria Costeira. "As a dynamic, growth oriented company with considerable technical expertise, Xtreme Cinemas is helping to define the modern movie experience." Xtreme Cinemas Ltd is currently pursuing the expansion of its cinema network into the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland.

XpanD has just rolled out the X101 Series 3D active glasses in a sleek, new model providing increased efficiency, durability, customer comfort and exhibitor convenience. The glasses interface with an XpanD infrared emitter box to create high-quality stereoscopic 3D with any DCI compliant digital cinema projection system. XpanD's patented “pi-cell” technology works as a rapid stereoscopic shutter to deliver the alternate right- and left-eye images with optimal brightness, steadiness, depth and clarity.

Having more than 500 installations in digital cinema venues worldwide, with a leading market position in Europe, XpanD has taken a commanding lead in the 3D technology race to deliver superior stereoscopic active technology. Additional products and additional ventures will be announced in the coming months, as the company continues to grow its base of installations and develop a robust line of applications to serve the rapidly growing 3D exhibition industry.

About Xtreme Cinemas

Xtreme Cinemas (XC) operates in the Czech republic area and is commencing additional business activities in the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland. Xtreme Cinemas provides multiple services to its theater network through XCData Ltd. (installation, service and technical support), Xtreme Cinemas Ltd. (scanning, mastering and other content preparation) and XCMedia Ltd. (preshow and advertising management). Visit www.xtremecinemas.cz.

About XpanD

XpanD offers several unique 3D systems and has partnered with hundreds of exhibitors and industry professionals, who continue to enjoy substantial returns from XpanD's high-end technology, progressive operations and creative marketing strategies.

X6D Limited (EU), marketing its products under the brand XpanD, has subsidiaries in the United States with a production facility in Portland, Oregon (XpanD Inc.), Nevada and corporate/technology offices in Los Angeles, California (X6D USA Inc.), which includes specialized turnkey designs, engineering and installation of fully-integrated, DCI compliant theater systems for the hospitality, institutional and attractions market, which incorporates audio/visual displays and show controls, digital signage and a host of other interactive and immersive technology platforms.

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