XPAND 3D To Receive Award For Innovation Of Amblyz™ Glasses at International 3D Society Awards

August 28, 2013
The 4th Annual International 3D Society Awards will recognize XPAND 3D with an award for industry innovation with the new product Amblyz™ Glasses.

Each year the International 3D Society recognizes outstanding international achievement in 3D innovation and impact through its 3D Technology Awards. With this years theme being “New Products”, the awards event will focus on the new 3D products in the marketplace that are driving the industry forward.

On Wednesday September 18th I3DS will present the award for New Product to XPAND Amblyz™. XPAND will be recognized with other awards winners at a special luncheon held at Paramount Pictures Studios.

Press release from I3DS (pdf)

Amblyz™ glasses

Amblyz™ glasses represent a totally new approach in eye occlusion. The electronic device, shaped like glasses, is easy to use, comfortable, suited for children from 3 – 10 years of age. Using electronically controlled intermittent occlusion embedded within the device, Amblyz™ glasses provide eye occlusion without the discomfort and the stigma associated with an eye patch.
“This award is an exciting opportunity to bring some awareness to this new treatment option,” said Dr. Omry Ben Ezra, Chief of Medical Division of XPAND 3D. ”We hope to reach the many Amblyopic children who are currently not being treated sufficiently.”

XPAND 3D technologies are widely used in schools, universities, and industry to advance learning and in ophthalmic medical applications to provide corrective treatment. XPAND’s YOUniversal™ consumer technologies are among the most widely used in the world today and its advanced science and technology offerings are deployed in mission-critical applications including high-risk surgeries, military, and robotics.

In 2012, the 3D@Home Consortium and the I3DS merged in order to better serve the burgeoning global 3D marketplace and professional community. The combined organization, officially named "International 3D Society & 3D@Home", but more affectionately called the "3D Society" continues to lead the efforts to educate, both professionals and consumers, on their choices and impacts of 3D in the home, office, and classroom environments.

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