Jean-Pierre Jeunet suggests seeing 3D in cinemas, equipped with XPAND 3D system

October 21, 2013
Famous director Jean-Pierre Jeunet says in his latest interview that active 3D cinema system XPAND 3D is best for seeing his latest movie.

After Alfonso Cuarón, director of current 3D sensation Gravity, was overheard praising XPAND 3D system for projection of his movie at Venice Film Festival, another distinguished director recommended XPAND 3D Cinema System.

In an interview for October issue of Le Film Français, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, acclaimed director of Amélie, A Very Long Engagement and most recently The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, said:

"... so I can only recommend, if people have the choice, to see my movie in an active 3D cinema XPAND, that reproduces what we've done. RealD, imposed by American lobbies, damages the 3D and even the 2D, due to silver screens."

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