La Géode Paris goes XPAND 3D

September 5, 2013
In order to offer new digital content to its audience, La Géode has installed a brand new 4K digital equipment and is using XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses.

XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses feature improved brightness for accurate color experience. The wide viewing angle ensures optimal 3D experience no matter where you sit in the theatre!

La Géode Paris. With a 1.000 sq. m screen, la Géode in Paris is one of the largest half dome screen in the world.

“In extremely large theaters like ours is, every lumen is important and in overcoming this, we have chosen XPAND’s 3D glasses which combine brightness, performance and ergonomic for the best 3D experience,” says Laurent Dondey, director of Paris La Géode. At XPAND we take great pride at such an eminent venue deciding for a product from our cinema lineup.

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