XPAND systems were used during Live Surgery in 3D

October 19, 2017
During an open-heart surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin a group of some of the world’s greatest medical minds was able to observe the procedure live in 3D.

A quote from one of the participants:

"The 3D video was incredible – the whole event was a wonderful experience. Listening to some of the world’s greatest pediatric heart surgeons discussing the different ways to repair this complex condition while an actual procedure was taking place in our OR and then viewing the procedure in high-def 3D in a gigantic image – and we’re talking to the surgeon as he operates and he’s explaining what he’s doing – and then seeing the boom camera view and understanding how tiny the baby’s heart actually is and realizing the skill involved…it was all mind-blowing for me.

Then after the procedure and the heart came off bypass and we could see the beating heart and the post-operative echo was performed, and then the echo cardiologist is reviewing the echo images and explaining how the heart was behaving after the surgery, and then listening to the doctors evaluate the hemodynamic data and what that implied for the heart function…just amazing.

Heart Center staff said they could have watched the 3D video all day it was so fascinating. I think the more you understand the heart, the more interesting it was.

The moderator, a world-renowned pediatric cardiac interventionalist that had come from London to do the event, said that the images viewed at the symposium were very rare. This was a world-class event that is going to grow in quality and stature."

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