XpanD's Offer for Funding 3D System Installations

May 11, 2009
XpanD, a worldwide authority in 3D cinemas and technology platforms, formally announced today the company will offer limited-time special rates to exhibitors who purchase an XpanD 3D theater system to add a second 3D auditorium regardless of the brand of 3D system initially installed in a multiplex. The offer runs through July 15, 2009.

This offer is a strategic move to improve affordability and promote accelerated deployment of 3D digital systems in recognition of the extensive and ever-expanding line-up of Hollywood 3D theatrical content.  A second screen permits the exhibitor to hold each 3D release for a longer playtime and thus realize its full   income potential in each complex.  An extended 3D film engagement means not only more profitability, it also allows 3D films to reach more audiences, generating even greater demand to see movies in 3D.   XpanD can easily outfit any size theater without the expense of a silver screen or ancillary projector filtering equipment.  By this special offer, XpanD wants to create an additional and immediate incentive for exhibitors to install a second 3D auditorium in each complex. 

With eighteen upcoming digital 3D feature films, The Walt Disney Studios is naturally supportive of XpanD’s initiative to increase 3D capacity.  Mark Zoradi, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group, said, "Exhibitors have used XpanD 3D systems to present our digital 3D releases.  Our upcoming 3D presentation of Disney/Pixar’s ‘Up’ at the Cannes Film Festival will be presented using their system.  We are consistently very pleased with the quality of presentation. We also appreciate the eco-friendly re-usable glasses solution XpanD provides.  XpanD’s bold stroke to add 3D screen capacity will obviously benefit exhibitors and studios alike."  

Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD, said, "We’re completely committed to the success of 3D.  Since we consider ourselves to have the best and most sensible system on the market, we feel ideally positioned to offer the cinema industry a solution that would meet both economic viability and an immediate demand." "Building our network of theaters is also building relationships and with a solid brand of technology, plus the special rates we offer exhibitors, enhances opportunity to compete most effectively and efficiently in the 3D marketplace."

Effective only through July 15th, XpanD will offer the second 3D system in each participating complex at half-price based on prices in effect preceding this announcement.  With nearly 800 installations globally, XpanD utilizes active 3D glasses, which are sold separately.  XpanD recently launched their newest model, the X101 Series, which it believes offers the most superior stereoscopic viewing in the market, along with an array of special features, including replacement batteries and security tags.  The ecology-minded reusable glasses have a sleek and durable design that movie patrons are sure to favor.

XpanD hopes the limited-time offer will accelerate deployment of 3D second screens by giving exhibitors an immediate incentive to double their 3D capacity, at a substantial discount, irrespective of brand of 3D system initially installed in each of their complexes.

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