XpanD 3D Active Glasses Available In Many Different Colors and Styles, Allowing Consumer True Freedom Of Expression

January 7, 2010
The Cool Factor is a hot idea for XpanD’s new X102 Series customizable line of 3D glasses.

When eyeglasses first appeared as a consumer product in the 13th century, they were completely utilitarian in design. Nearly eight centuries later, eyeglasses are available in an infinite number shapes, styles and colors--enough to allow billions of wearers to stamp them with their own unique personal sense of style. Now that stereoscopic 3D media are upon us as the next-generation standard for visual imagery, glasses are about to undergo yet another revolution as they transition to form and function--and XpanD, the world leader in active-shutter 3D glasses for cinema, video, games and other applications, is showing the way.

The new XpanD X103 and X102 3D glasses will offer consumers plenty of stylish options with which they can make their own fashion statements in the coming 3D landscape. Starting in Q1 of this year, consumers will be able to choose from a dozen electric colors or color combinations of XpanD glasses.

XpanD understands that the transition from 2D to 3D is more than a technology change – it’s a social and cultural paradigm shift, and it will bring with it new style and fashion trends. “The consumer market has always been about cool new products, and the 3D revolution will be that on a huge scale,” observes Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD. “3D is going to become an integral part of cinema, home theater and gaming, and XpanD’s product lines are a perfect fit with all of those sectors. XpanD’s glasses are going to provide a way to make the hardware of 3D media content a personalized experience.”


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