Final Fantasy XIII Debuts Through the Eyes of XpanD 3D

March 11, 2010
XpanD, the world’s leading developer of active 3D technology systems for cinema, television and gaming applications, working in tandem with video game publishing company Square Enix, officially welcomed the latest chapter of the Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 Final Fantasy series with a groundbreaking 3D debut at the Regency Center in San Francisco.

The 3D trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, shown twice in a row due to its massive response, opened an hour-long roundtable discussion about the newest episode in the 22-year-old RPG franchise and the impact of 3D gaming for the future.

The Final Fantasy XIII release party and roundtable conversation brought together multiple game developers and global technology leaders to highlight Final Fantasy’s accomplishments from past to present. The entire panel praised Square Enix and its ability to continuously take the Final Fantasy franchise above and beyond expectations and expressed excitement about the implications of 3D for gaming.

“Final Fantasy XIII not only represents the next step in this ever-evolving saga, but this 3D preview also represents the next step in the 3D video game renaissance,” said XpanD CEO, Maria Costeira. “XpanD is pleased to partner with Square Enix as we continue to push the envelope of video gaming technology to new heights, some of which only dreamed of in the past decade. We will continue to work hand-in-hand to bring the gaming community the most in-depth, realistic gaming experiences possible.”

XpanD Chief Strategy Officer Ami Dror stated, “Teaming up with Square Enix allowed XpanD to give the audience exactly what it has been waiting for in a video game over the past two decades: A chance to be ‘in the game.’ As the technology evolves, we will continue to bring the highest quality and performance in 3D to all gamers, moviegoers and those looking to bring a full 3D entertainment system into their home.”

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