XpanD’s New X103 – The Universal Active 3D Glasses Revolution

March 16, 2010
The XpanD X103 glasses are designed to work seamlessly within XpanD cinema and with almost all the new 3D-ready TVs of all brands, allowing XpanD X103 to use their personal glasses with their friends 3DTVs, 3D computer monitors and XpanD cinema.

The new XpanD X103 active 3D glasses are available in 12 different colors, allowing users unprecedented freedom of expression.

At ShoWest 2010, XpanD is exhibiting the world’s first universally compatible active 3D glasses for 3D-ready televisions. The XpanD X103 glasses are compatible with virtually any monitor capable of playing 3D-ready content, making 3D an affordable social experience.

“While major television manufacturers are beginning to roll out their first 3D-ready television models, a key to widespread adoption lies in the ability for consumers to use their 3D glasses with any display that is capable of
showing 3D content,” says Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD. “The XpanD X103 glasses deliver unparalleled freedom by offering the universal 3D viewing technology in any environment, on any device!”

As with all XpanD models, the X103 active 3D glasses utilize a fast-switching, liquid crystal cell, know as “pi-cell”--the fastest 3D glasses in the world. Moreover, with the understanding that the X103’s universal compatibility will allow users to bring their glasses with them wherever they go, XpanD is developing the glasses in 12 different colors, providing freedom of expression on par with cell phones, portable media players and laptop computers.

“The main problem with display-linked active glasses lies within the incapability to use these glasses with a 3D TV that is manufactured by another brand. While we support TV manufacturers by manufacturing glasses for them, we are also requested by the same manufacturers to sell universal active glasses that will work with all the modern 3D TVs,” adds Ami Dror, XpanD Chief Strategy Officer. ”TV retailers cannot maintain 15 different models of glasses to support 15 different TV brands, rental AV companies cannot do it, and even 3D broadcasters ask for a universal pair of glasses that they can provide their 3D channel subscribers.”

3DTV and XpanD universal 3D glasses are also revolutionizing the 3D cinema business model. Owners of XpanD universal glasses are coming to the cinema with their personalized glasses. As a result, the cinema owners and the studios do not need to pay for 3D glasses anymore, making 3D cinema distribution and exhibition less expensive. The cinemas are using their unique position and becoming a point of sale for universal 3D glasses, and can profit from these sales.

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