XpanD X103 3D Active-Shutter Glasses Redefine Quality, Sophistication And Style

May 12, 2010
The X103 glasses are designed to work seamlessly with 3D-ready LCDs, DLP and plasma displays, making 3D more accessible and affordable than ever before. The new XpanD X103 active-shutter 3D glasses are available in a variety of colors, allowing users an unprecedented freedom of expression never before possible with 3D glasses.

The 3D revolution is underway with XpanD leading the charge, unveiling its X103 active-shutter 3D glasses that not only surpass previous standards of quality for 3D consumers, but offer a sleek, stylish appearance that is unprecedented for 3D glasses, bringing a new level of immersive viewing to the game room, the boardroom and even the runway. With the XpanD X103 glasses, anyone can experience the most engaging and dynamic 3D technology available in virtually any environment—and look good doing it!

The XpanD X103 glasses are designed to work with 3D-ready LCD laptop and desktop monitors, LCD, DLP and plasma televisions. Virtually anything capable of playing 3D-encoded content at 120FPS will be compatible with the X103 glasses, making it possible for users to enjoy completely immersive 3D environments for video games, movies, TV and presentations.

XpanD active-shutter glasses utilize a specialized fast-switching liquid crystal cell, called the “pi-cell,” as a shutter to alternately block each eye. Through fast switching, optimal extinction ratios, and a wide viewing field, the XpanD active-shutter glasses offer the clearest, flicker-free 3D experience in the world.

XpanD understands that as 3D technology becomes more widely adopted, the glasses themselves become forms of individual expression, style and fashion. With this in mind, XpanD’s glasses have always been the most aesthetically pleasing 3D glasses on the market, and the X103 glasses raise the stakes even higher. The X103 glasses are available in a variety of different colors, allowing users to choose a style that meets their specific preference, as they would a pair of sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses.

XpanD currently possesses a 95 percent global market share of 3D active-shutter glasses and is the only company in the world to provide 3D active-shutter glasses for all of the following markets: cinema, home entertainment (including DLP-Link projector technology), broadcast, education, corporate and PC gaming.

“We are in a new era for 3D display technology and the XpanD X103 active-shutter glasses are unequivocally the highest quality and most stylish glasses in the industry,” said Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD. “The X103 glasses will have a profound impact on the growing adoption of 3D in consumer applications, and their sleek appearance will make them a lifestyle accessory as well. What’s more, the affordability and ubiquitous nature of the X103 glasses make them accessible and practical for all consumers!”

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