XpanD 3D Cinema is Promoting Peace in the Middle East

July 22, 2010
With an ambitious goal of bringing cutting-edge entertainment and good will to the West Bank, German filmmaker Marcus Vetter has teamed with international sponsors, including global 3D leader XpanD, to renovate and reopen the sole-standing cinema complex in the city of Jenin. The project is inspired by Vetter’s new documentary, The Heart of Jenin, offering the war-torn area an entertainment venue that hasn’t opened its doors since the 1980s.

Cinema Jenin will be reintroduced to the public with a film festival August 5-7, 2010, highlighted by the premiere of Vetter’s film, which recounts the story of a Palestinian man’s decision to donate his 12-year-old’s organs to Israeli children after an Israeli soldier accidentally shot and killed the boy. The reopening also includes a new state-of-the-art 3D system, donated by XpanD, which will be unveiled at the festival and utilized for feature films on a regular basis. 

XpanD, the global 3D leader, donated one of its top-of-the-line systems to Cinema Jenin. XpanD CEO Maria Costeira believes whole-heartedly that entertainment and business are the keys to peace in the Middle East.

“The story of this heartwarming decision shines a humanizing light on the tension in the Middle East and the shadow this conflict is casting on the innocent bystanders in the area,” stated Costeira.  “The arts, especially cinema, are universally appealing to all cultures as they provide a window to catch a glimpse at some of these rarely seen aspects of the area’s day-to-day situations. It is XpanD’s hope that with Jenin’s addition of a 3D cinema, the Palestinian people will have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful films while enjoying peace and freedom in one of its best forms.”

“Today, 3D is a game-changing technology that allows the world to express itself in a completely original way,” said Ami Dror, Chief Strategy Officer, XpanD. “Cinema Jenin is using 3D entertainment to inspire people. The Palestinian people will experience the best and newest 3D movies the world can provide. We strongly believe that education, business prosperity and entertainment are the keys to peace and we hope that Cinema Jenin will help these processes that have already started in the West Bank.”

For more information about Project Cinema Jenin, please visit www.cinemajenin.org.

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