XpanD Teams With Fashion Designers Larisa Katz And Tinus D

September 2, 2010
Fashionable glasses designed by Larisa Katz and Tinus D reflect both artists’ unique and creative styles and offer a glimpse into the future, where 3D glasses become a means of personal expression.

3D glasses become a true means of personal expression at IFA 2010, where XpanD is showcasing a line of designer 3D glasses as part of its “Runway 3D” event at Kino International in Berlin. Live runway models will be showing off these chic, cutting-edge glasses, designed by world-famous artists Larisa Katz and Tinus D.

XpanD is not only the world leader in 3D innovation, but also the leader of the 3D revolution, existing at the intersection of technology and style, where fashion meets the future of entertainment. As such, XpanD recognizes the need to deliver the next step in 3D to consumers, going beyond simply providing the technology to supply users with fashionable glasses that will reflect the individual’s personality.

Model: Chloe Laarmans; Photo: Herman van Gestel

In order to deliver the ultimate level of style, XpanD is partnering with fashion designers such as Larisa Katz, who has quickly established herself as one of the world’s most unique talents in the fashion world. Katz is known for her visceral, sculptural dress designs and her combined visions of Eastern and Western cultures. In the past two years, she has shown her designs at runways in Amsterdam, Dubai, Bahrain, New York City, London, Paris and Cannes.

Known for his unique manipulation of metal in his art, Tinus D has sold his work to private collectors and has done many high-profile art projects for international companies. He has also designed stainless steel dresses, cruised festivals on robotic vehicles and built numerous design interiors for different companies.

Model: Chloe Laarmans; Photo: Herman van Gestel

“As a fashion designer, I see XpanD’s 3D glasses as a template to express my artistic vision, just as consumers will soon regard 3D glasses as a stylistic choice—not just a technological choice,” Katz says. “While XpanD is introducing the future of home entertainment, I hope my designs offer a view of what to expect in terms of style, as 3D becomes more ubiquitous in all environments.”

“While XpanD provides the highest-quality 3D experience available, we know this is not enough; people also want to look cool and trendy while wearing our glasses,” says Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD. “We broke ground as the first company to bring style to 3D for the cinema, and now that 3D is coming to the home and beyond, visual aesthetics are even more of a priority. Just as we have succeeded in developing the most effective 3D technology in the world, we have the talents of Larisa Katz and Tinus D to help design the sleekest, most fashionable glasses in the world!”

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