XPAND Universal 3D Glasses Are Now Shipping to Sears

November 9, 2010
XPAND’s Universal 3D Glasses work with multiple brands of 3D-ready TVs, and can be used in XPAND 3D movie theaters

Working to ensure all 3D enthusiasts have the world’s first Universal 3D Glasses as the demand for 3D entertainment continues to grow, XPAND has shipped its first order of Universal 3D Glasses to Sears for its first round of availability to the consumer. The glasses will be available throughout the United States in-store and online at Sears.com.

While most 3D glasses are only compatible with a single brand of TV and cannot be used with other brands of TVs or computers, XPAND Universal 3D Glasses are compatible with any 3D-ready, infrared-emitting display. They can also be used in any of the thousands of XPAND 3D-ready movie theaters around the globe.

“With XPAND Universal 3D Glasses available at such a popular national retail outlet chain as Sears, the opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite show, movie or video game in 3D is finally here,” Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND. “Rather than confusing the consumer with multiple brands of glasses, our Universal 3D Glasses will ease worry amongst those invested in 3D technology with the sole solution to 3D entertainment. This opportunity also gives Sears an exciting new product that satisfies a growing customer need, especially as interest in 3D TV will be stronger than ever this holiday season and into 2011.”

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