Announcement: Mitsubishi 3D TV Software Upgrade

November 17, 2010
If you own a Mitsubishi 738 or 838 DLP TV, you can now enjoy these models with your XPAND glasses and you no longer need the 3DA-1 adaptor or the Mitsubishi 3D starter pack. This makes your XPAND X102 DLP Link experience truly wireless plug and play!

Mitsubishi's software update for the 738 and 838 series DLP TVs is now available as a free download. The update, upgrades the HDMI input to 1.3 3D which fully supports 3D signals from an HDMI 1.4 source so you do not need a 3DA1 adapter. If your 738/838 TV is connected to the internet, it will be updated automatically. Otherwise you can download the update from Mitsubishi's web site and perform the update via a USB stick. Please see Mitsubishi’s web site for further details on how to perform this software update.

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