Netherlands’ ABC Cinema Broadens 3D Arsenal with 27 New XPAND Systems

December 6, 2010
The new XPAND systems follow the successful deployment of XPAND 3D systems in 23 ABC Cinema theaters throughout the Netherlands.

Continuing to raise the standard for cinematic 3D systems in the Netherlands, cinema systems dealer FTT (Film Ton Technik) is currently finalizing the installation of 15 brand-new 3D systems for the Amsterdam Booking Company (ABC) as part of ABC’s continued commitment to providing state-of-the-art 3D theaters to its patrons. The installation of these 27 new 3D systems follows a successful first phase of 3D system installations, during which 27 theaters were upgraded to 3D.

"The XPAND team" is delighted to work with ABC to bring our active 3D to customers in one of the world’s leading 3D markets, as these new 3D systems will provide the most engaging technology available to ABC’s customers," stated XPAND CEO Maria Costeira. "ABC shows a true determination to bring the very best in entertainment to its moviegoers, and its most recent investment in 3D technology will deliver an unprecedented immersive viewing experience to its audiences."

The feedback and overall success of following ABC’s first phase of 3D system purchases prompted this current expansion. 

Paul Visser, owner of ABC said: 3D is one of the motors of digital cinema. XPAND’s 3D solution offers us an outstanding picture quality, and that is what it’s all about. With XPAND we can let our costumers enjoy the highest possible 3D quality available in the market!

In May 2010, 61 XPAND 3D systems were installed in Dutch theaters, while a total of 58 XPAND systems were installed in the Netherlands in April 2010.

"We are seeing an ever-increasing worldwide popularity in 3D entertainment and the Netherlands is one of the top markets for 3D in the world," stated Bernard Collard, XPAND’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development EMEA. "XPAND is continuing its commitment to providing theaters with the most advanced 3D technology available."

ABC coordinates programming and digital conversion for its associated cinemas, 70 in total. Along with the 54 already installed in phases one and two, ABC will install further 3D systems in its third and final phase.

For more information on the Amsterdam Booking Company, visit www.abcbooking.nl.

About Amsterdam Booking Company B.V.:

Amsterdam Booking Company, which programs Dutch independent cinemas, is based in Amsterdam. Founded by Paul Visser in 2004, ABC was created to enable the independent cinemas to join forces and collectively program content, as well as gain management, marketing and overall strategy advice in such areas as digital deployment. Visser has over 25 years working experience in the film industry, mainly as a sales director at various distributors in the Netherlands. Further information can be found at: www.abcbooking.nl 

About Film Ton Technik (FTT)

FILM-TON-TECHNIK Hannsdieter Rüttgers GmbH (FTT) is based in Düsseldorf. As a cinema service provider with 50 years of experience FTT has already implemented a large number of projects for multiplexes and independent cinemas in Germany and abroad and has got subsidiaries in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Netherlands. Apart from project planning as well as selling and installing traditional 35mm technology FTT has been active in the field of digital cinema and electronic advertising for more than 7 years and established itself as a system integrator. More information at www.ftt-online.de.

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