XPAND To Offer 3D Learning In Multiple Languages

January 14, 2011
XPAND Partners With JTM Concepts To Offer several 3D programs and lesson plans in eight different languages.

Further strengthening its leadership position in delivering the benefits of 3D to education applications, XPAND is partnering with 3D educational applications leader JTM Concepts to offer students across the globe interactive stereoscopic 3D lessons in eight different language packages. The lesson packages are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese editions.

“As the first company to develop a modular 3D lesson program in multiple languages, XPAND is at the forefront of educational technology and is literally changing the way students around the world see their school assignments,” said Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND. “Teaming up with JTM Concepts helps promote interactive, exciting and educational experiences that will keep students highly involved in their work.”

Multiple programs and lesson plans will be included in each language including, “Making Cubes,” The Solar System” and “Composite Solids-Volume.” Classroom3® promotes the enhancement of learning opportunities through 3D applications by providing students clear visualizations of concepts normally seen as difficult to comprehend by the average student. Partnering with XPAND, JTM Concepts’ technology will continue to grab and retain students’ attention.

For more information on JTM Concepts and Classroom3®, please visit http://www.jtmconcepts.com/3d_classroom.cfm

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