XPAND Unveils New Level of 3D Interaction For Education

January 14, 2011
XPAND, JTM Concepts and Digital ArtForms Unveil New Level of 3D Interaction For Education With Two-Handed Interface Technology. User interaction and manipulation of 3D objects is highlighted with 3D educational mathematics game developed by JTM Concepts and powered by Digital ArtForms.

With a continued focus of increasing 3D content in the education field while simultaneously raising the level of engagement, XPAND and Digital ArtForms are demonstrating the latest in 3D interaction and imaging at the BETT conference. As real-time 3D applications begin to steadily appear, the two companies will exhibit Two-Handed Interface (THI) technology with a game centered around mathematics, developed by JTM Concepts, Inc. In the game, users solve basic math problems, calculating answers and using the 3D THI system to manipulate the correct one into the appropriate 3D space.

THI is an interface that supports the natural performance of complex 3D tasks. Immersive tracked interaction allows users to physically pick up objects and carry out tasks, absorbing the required actions into spatial and muscle memory. Developed by Digital ArtForms and JTM Concepts, XPAND offers the project with its world-leading 3D glasses.

Digital ArtForms specializes in 3D interaction, immersion and real-time applications. The company’s improvements in virtual education delivery benefit multiple educational institutions. With a mission to enhance the effectiveness of educational technology, Digital ArtForms shies away from traditional mouse and keyboard interfaces and focuses on productive, hands-on tracked button controllers to perform tasks in an easy, fun and interactive manner.

“XPAND’s ability to deliver compelling educational content hinges on the implementation of revolutionary yet practical technology, and the Two-Handed Interface technology is both innovative and effective,” says Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND.

For more information on Digital ArtForms, please visit http://www.dartforms.com.

For more information on JTM Concepts and Classroom3®, please visit http://www.jtmconcepts.com/3d_classroom.cfm.

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