XPAND 3D Introduces 3D Plug-In for Microsoft PowerPoint

March 29, 2011
New Application Gives Users Opportunity To Create Their Own Interactive 3D Content to Show in Conference Rooms and XPAND 3D Cinemas

In a development that allows anyone to create interactive 3D content, XPAND 3D today introduced its new 3D Plug-In for MS PowerPoint, an application that lets users easily add 3D images, graphics and objects to PowerPoint presentations.

“Our new plug-in literally brings a new dimension to PowerPoint,” said Ami Dror, Chief Strategy Officer of XPAND 3D. “We have proven in various case studies that 3D improves viewer retention by more than 30 percent. 3D PowerPoint presentations are now more interesting and deliver much more impact.”

The XPAND PowerPoint application is a simple, intuitive way to create 3D content. It allows users to set the amount of depth to every element in a slideshow and to embed 3D objects like 3D movies, 3D pictures and graphics. The plug-in is compatible with MS Office 2010, 32-bit or 64-bit.

The 3D content can be viewed on a computer, compatible 3D TV or a video projector that supports HDMI 1.4 3D formats, using XPAND Universal 3D glasses.

“The XPAND PowerPoint application is ideal for business applications, event companies and AV rental companies looking to broaden their range of services, and for cinemas that host these events. In addition, this is perfect for education, as it enables students to design 3D projects and educators to design 3D lessons,” Dror added.

Try the XPAND PowerPoint 3D plug-in, download it here.

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