XPAND 3D Bundles Featuring the Doremi Cinema Server

March 29, 2011
In an announcement that provides cinema exhibitors with comprehensive, affordable and state-of-the-art 3D systems, XPAND 3D is offering 3D Bundles that include world-class components from XPAND 3D and Doremi. Available in North and South America, these 3D Bundles give exhibitors the opportunity to cost-effectively equip their theaters with the highest-performing 3D solution on the market.

XPAND 3D is offering two different 3D Bundles: the XPAND 3D Kit Bundle and the XPAND ONE Bundle. The XPAND 3D Kit Bundle includes an entire XPAND 3D Cinema System (including infrared emitters and tester), a Doremi DCP-2000 cinema server, and 400 XPAND X101 Cinema 3D glasses. It also includes all miscellaneous hardware and installation cables. The list price for the XPAND 3D Kit Bundle is $37,310.00.

The XPAND ONE Bundle includes 200 XPAND 101 Cinema 3D glasses, a Doremi DCP-2000 cinema server, and an XPAND ONE 3D system. XPAND ONE is an optimal solution for small venues with a maximum capacity of 180 seats, and includes an XPAND ONE secured controller/emitter all in one box, along with a mount and a tester, plus all related installation cables. The list price for the XPAND ONE Bundle is $26,780.00.

“Doremi Labs is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital cinema servers and our new 3D Bundles bring together superior technologies in two affordable packages,” says Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND 3D. “The 3D Bundles enable cinema exhibitors to cost-effectively take advantage of the very best in 3D technology, regardless of theater size!”

“We are very pleased that XPAND has chosen Doremi to be the server provider in its 3D Bundles,” states Michael Archer, Vice President, Doremi Digital Cinema. “The XPAND 3D technology provides an exceptional experience for the patron and we are happy to be a part of it.”

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