iPic Theaters Go 3D with XPAND 3D Systems

November 11, 2011
iPic Theaters Delivers World-Class Cinema Experience With XPAND 3D Systems

In an effort to provide a world-class viewing experience to match its premium, hospitality-focused theater environments, iPic Theaters has outfitted several of its locations with XPAND 3D cinema systems. The XPAND 3D systems are in use at the iPic locations in Scottsdale, Ariz., Glendale, Wisc. and the Gold Class Cinemas location in Pasadena, Calif.

iPic Theaters transforms a typical hectic movie-going experience to one that provides comfort, relaxation and choices, and we take pride in providing quality services and unique food and beverages for a great night out,” said Mark Mulcahy, VP of Marketing at iPic Entertainment. “At iPic, guests can fully customize their movie-going experience. With two levels of reserved seating, full menu of house-made, easy-to-eat dishes and full bar, iPic Theaters is the ultimate night out.”

When the time came to acquire 3D systems for its locations, iPic saw several unique advantages in XPAND’s 3D technology. “We found XPAND at the time when cinemas around the world were starting to get into 3D, and we found some limitations with passive 3D technology, such as the requisite silver screen,” Mulcahy noted. “We really liked the quality of XPAND’s 3D systems, the picture quality is excellent and the light output is very good. It’s a lot brighter than the other systems out there.”

Mulcahy also found the scalability of XPAND 3D systems to be an attractive feature. “We love the ability to play the movie downwards, meaning we can use the XPAND system in one of our large rooms for the opening week of a film, then relocate the film and the system to a smaller size room, and then an even smaller room a few weeks after that,” he said. “That versatility is unique and makes the ownership of a 3D system that much more convenient.”

In addition to their high performance and versatility, XPAND 3D systems also offer an unprecedented level of convenience to the theater owners and operators. “We appreciated that XPAND worked with any server, so you’re not required to use only one brand of server with XPAND systems,” Mulcahy said. “It’s incredibly easy to use, and the system is very ‘plug-and-play.’ Once the system is set up, it doesn’t require a lot of attention.”

For more information on iPic Entertainment, please visit www.ipictheaters.com

About iPic Entertainment:
Boca Raton, Florida-based iPic Entertainment is a developer and operator of entertainment destinations, operating unique venues that include premium movie theaters, restaurants and stylized bowling centers. iPic Entertainment operates eight theaters with 51 screens in Arizona, California, Illinois, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Visit us on the web at www.ipictheaters.com

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