World’s First Fully Automated 3D Ecosystem

January 10, 2012
XPAND 3D Showcases The World’s First Fully Automated 3D Ecosystem at CES 2012

At CES 2012, XPAND 3D is introducing the world’s first fully automated 3D Ecosystem, which automatically detects whether a viewer is wearing 3D glasses and configures their display device for 3D operation. The 3D Ecosystem works in conjunction with XPAND’s 3D Electronic Eyewear and a compatible display device such as a TV, projector or computer.

The XPAND 3D Ecosystem makes 3D viewing more convenient than ever. Other active and passive 3D systems require the viewer to manually switch the TV (or computer or projector) from 3D to 2D operation whenever they want to watch in 3D or 2D. With the XPAND 3D Ecosystem, the viewer just puts on the XPAND 3D Electronic Eyewear and the display automatically does the rest.

The 3D Ecosystem works using bi-directional RF communication between the glasses and the TV. When the wearer puts the XPAND 3D Glasses on, the glasses automatically send a signal to the TV that tells it to switch to 3D mode. When the user takes the glasses off, the TV automatically switches back to 2D mode. The XPAND 3D Electronic Eyewear has an automatic on/off mode that activates when the user puts the glasses on and takes them off. In addition, the glasses can be tailored to the user’s preferences with individual 3D preset settings.

“As 3D broadcast standards evolve into a single stream that contains both 2D and 3D, our innovative glasses will allow our customers to watch 3D only by wearing glasses, and to watch 2D only by removing the glasses,” said Ami Dror, Chief Strategy Officer for XPAND 3D. “The displays will simply follow the indicators from the glasses. Such features along with other innovative features like automatic on/off, and automatic individual user 3D presets, make the 3D experience more user-friendly than ever before."

The XPAND 3D products are on exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Lower Level, XPAND Booth #20231.

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