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XPAND Press Release, May 15 2015

XPAND Continues Its Partnership with the Cannes Film Festival

For the seventh time in a row, XPAND Continues Its Position as the Exclusive 3D Technical Partner for the Cannes Film Festival, equipping four screening theaters at the Festival, including the 2,400-seat Lumière auditorium, and nine screening rooms for the Film Market.

“3D has grown up on the Croisette – it does span over a wide range of genres: from animation to art movies, which goes to say how much the quality of 3D projection is important,” said Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND. “XPAND has always been commited to providing the most realistic and immersive 3D experience possible: our continued partnership with the Cannes Film Festival is a great honour for us and we are proud to once again bring the best 3D to the audience in Cannes,” added Mrs. Costeira.

The 2015 official selection will include Love by Gaspar Noé. Love is an explicit erotic melodrama and will have appropriate midnight screening on 21st of May inviting all attendees in a unique immersive experience.

The Cannes Film Festival organizers supported by the French Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son are the most demanding regarding technology and quality level. The high end superior screenings delivered in Cannes are recognized by most famous directors as the best in the world. There will also be numerous 3D screenings from all over the world at the Film Market.

For the 68th Cannes Film Festival, high-end XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses will be deployed. These active 3D glasses provide the brightest, most vivid and realistic 3D images available. XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses are also optimized to work with laser projectors, making it the optimal future-proof 3D system. The Infinity 3D glasses provide up to 38% transparency and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. The glasses’ lightweight ergonomic designs ensure long-wearing comfort, and their wide 3D viewing angle provides an optimal 3D image across the entire cinema.


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