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XPAND Press Release, November 4 2015

XPAND'S NU.I.ON at the WebSummit

XPAND'S NU.I.ON, Storm Bringer Studio and Ilia State University presenting Extended Reality Solutions at Web Summit in Dublin

NU.I.ON. (pronounced as New Eye On) teamed up with Storm Bringer Studios and Ilia State University to present interactive VR experiences at Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The demo uses the Leap Motion Controller, precise tracking and near-zero latency of which makes it possible to reach into virtual worlds and manipulate them with bare hands.

“We are experimenting with VR/AR headsets, positional tracking cameras and sensors to enhance our next generation C.A.V.E. (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) solutions for industrial interaction – from virtual prototyping of rockets to architectural walk through experiences and collaborative virtual environments.” said David Chechelashvili, co-founder of NU.I.ON. “The most effective way to interact with virtual and augmented reality is the original human interface – our hands. We merge both virtual and physical realities into one seamless experience providing the user with a more hands-on approach. We call this Extended Reality.”

“With new features like infrared video pass through, and upcoming prototypes like the Dragonfly module, Leap Motion will be playing a key role in the next generation of 3D interfaces.” said Irakli Kokrashvili, Founder and CEO of Storm Bringer Studios. “Coupled with NU.I.ON.’s HMD which allows to mix computer models and animation with real-time videos it will create a powerful solution for Professional and Out-of-Home Entertainment Markets”.

Virtual reality has seen a surge in 2015 with most major movie studios and game developers creating top quality content for VR platforms. The revenue share for VR is estimated to be US $30 billion within the next five years (source Digi-Capital).

About NU.I.ON.

NU.I.ON’s mission is to provide high-end solutions for virtual reality including acquisition, deployment and visualization of immersive and interactive virtual reality content and experiences for both professional and entertainment industries. It delivers an unparalleled immersive experience for education, training, medical, aerospace, military and out of home entertainment as well as cinematic VR experiences.

NU.I.ON is a VR/AR arm of XPAND


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