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XPAND News, December 4 2015


It's holiday season!


Time passes so quickly and even before you know it is that lovely time of the year here. It’s time to stop, time to take time for your family and loved ones, time for joy and reflection. It's holiday season :)! It is time to change focus from your desires to the desires of the community you live in. And it is time to experience pleasures of giving without asking something in return.

We hope that months that have passed brought to you everything you wished for. If not yet, there is still a bit time left to finish what you have started. Hurry up. The world is waiting for you :).


XPAND’s NU.I.ON at Web Summit in Dublin


You can only imagine the size of an event with 21 themed sub Summits, 1,000 speakers and more than 40,000 attendees. It’s one of the very, very few events where the beginner entrepreneurs can rub shoulders with the co-founders of Instagram, Tinder, Slack, Waze, Oculus, Kickstarter, etc.

XPAND’s VR/AR division NU.I.ON was showing the results of its experiments with VR/AR headsets, positional tracking cameras and sensors to enhance next generation C.A.V.E. (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) solutions for industrial interaction – from virtual prototyping of rockets to architectural walk through experiences and collaborative virtual environments. One of the key aspects of the interactive demo was the ability to interact with virtual and augmented reality via the original human interface – our hands. This is a first step. As a next step comes interaction that will involve full body equipped with wireless sensors. This will allow us to achieve our goal, to take away the isolation element of virtual reality, to merge both virtual and physical realities into one seamless experience providing the user with a more hands-on approach. We call this Extended Reality.

Here's some impressions from our EVP Business Dev, David Chechelashvili: "Websummit offered some very inspirational and exciting presentations from speakers like: Uri Levine (Feex), Alex Klein (Kano), James Kretchmar (Akamai),Tobin Moore (Optoro), Palmer Luckey (Oculus), Nicolas Michaelsen (Airhelp) and Scott Chacon (GitHub) and many others. I was especially impressed with Uri Levine - the man behind Waze and Moovit and Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter."

XPAND REPORT - Latin America

XPAND at ExpoCine


Begoña Castrillo, LATAM Sales Manager of XPAND was present in last edition of Expocine celebrated in Sao Paulo 17, 18 and 19 of November and new reference for exhibitors of all Latin America.

Although the crisis that the country seems to be facing cinema industry is making a big effort to grow and to install new equipment in the theatres.

As many exhibitors confirm in the show Stars Wars will push 3D and will be a good opportunity for customers to check the quality of the different systems.

Along with Mrs. Castrillo we hope all of them enjoy with our Passive 3D Polarization Modulator Gen2!


Meet us at Upcoming Shows

Meet us at:

  • Cine Asia, Hong Kong, December 8 – 12
  • ISE, Amsterdam, February 9 – 12 2016


We would like to hear from you

Do you have any interesting project where XPAND equipment was used that you would like to share within XPAND community? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please send the details about the project to marketing@xpand.me and we will include it in our next newsletter!

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