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XPAND News, February 17 2016

Hello in Virtual Reality

Exciting Developments in Entertainment World

Entertainment industry is constantly changing and trying to bring excitement to the crowds. After a few years of hiatus in terms of really new technologies, we can say that 2016 started with a bang. We wanted to tell you about Virtual Reality that is slowly but surely taking over the many faces of entertainment - be it consumer based or cinema, but it's not limited to fun, VR will be a game changer in professional and educational spheres.

VR at Consumer Electronics Convention (CES)

Hollywood taking on VR


CES has been historically the best place to go to see and learn about new products and technology trends. The show's scope has broadened significantly: it is not “consumer electronics” or even “home entertainment” but it is every industry. In recent years 3D had a big break at CES first, this time around one of the big news was Virtual Reality.

At CES 2016 there were many ready-buy products on display, but most are not yet ready to use. Like XPAND's NUION, most companies are working to put forth their best vision for where technology trends are heading.

Hollywood has a significant presence at this year’s CES. The most interesting discussions and demos were centered around how VR as a medium will make directors change a storytelling. While everyone agrees that technical obstacles eventually are going to work out, the biggest problem is if Hollywood can still tell a story when the viewer is the director?

There's fine line where the immersive experience is satisfying, and it could be the sum of a lot of parameters: image quality, resolution, latency, full positional tracking, eye tracking, facial expression tracking to mention just a few of the most important... We are on a brink of a very interesting change – it's going to affect all aspects of entertainment business and also specifically the cinema exhibition.

VR at Sundance Film Festival

Independent Movie Makers also entering VR


Even Sundance Film Festival is catching VR fever - Almost 40 VR experiences were showcased across 3 locations in Park City, including big titles like 21st Century Fox’s “The Martian” and big names like Reggie Watts’ with his “Waves” piece.

It’s certainly good news for VR in that it’s something that had a lot of buzz and interest within the independent film community to see how storytelling is evolving in this new medium.


XPAND is going VR as well


ISE is #1 AV show in the world (one of the rare occasions where the biggest show is in Europe).

XPAND presented its solutions for PRO markets (ONE - Private Luxury Theater, CAVE, LCS system for firefighting training, products from XPAND Health division (Anti Motionsickness Glasses), from XPAND Medical Division (Amblyz Glasses) among others.

This year we introduced our VR Division, NUION. A combination of a hardware and software for educational markets were presented. The combination consisted of VR Ready PC, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion camera, and educational content developed in Unity. Guests of XPAND booth saw the presentation of highly immersive and interactive educational content. Interaction was unique as there was no need for keyboard, mouse or any other controller. All interaction was done with hands using leap motion IR camera attached to Oculus Rift HMD.


WOC Report


World Ophthalmology Congress took place in Guadalajara, Mexico in the beginning of February. Our Senior Sales Manager, Mrs. Begoña Castrillo was there, presenting Amblyz™ and the new product FlickSet™.

But more important: new results from another randomized trial of the Amblyz™ Glasses versus the traditional patching for treatment of moderate unilateral amblyopia in children were presented by Dr. Neely Guadalajara.

The results show that when matching cumulative occlusion hours, intermittent occlusion at 30 second intervals with liquid crystal glasses is equally effective as compared to continuous patching occlusion in the treatment of moderate amblyopia. Read more or see the presentation by Dr. Neely


Meet us at Upcoming Shows

  • CinemaCon, Las Vegas, April 11-14
  • NAB, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, April 16-21


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