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XPAND News, May 22 2012

Word from XPAND CEO

Dear Partner,

I hope this finds you well and that business is successful! Here at XPAND 3D we have a ton of exciting news to share with you about recent and upcoming events, new products and industry developments. Please enjoy and I look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Best Regards,
Maria Costeira

XPAND Events

Cannes Film Festival


XPAND 3D is proud to announce that it is once again the exclusive 3D technical partner for the 65th Cannes Film Festival. XPAND 3D is equipping four screening theaters at the Festival, including the 2,400-seat Lumiére auditorium, and eight screening rooms for the film market.

This marks the fourth year that XPAND 3D has served as the 3D technical partner for the Cannes Film Festival and XPAND 3D has renewed its partnership with the Festival through 2015.

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Oslo Premiere


In a very prestigious event, XPAND 3D systems were utilized for the Premiere 3D screening of “Hugo Cabret” on 3 March at the Oslo Film Festival, with Sir Ben Kingsley in attendance! XPAND partner Unique Cinema Systems provided the systems for the event.

Pics from Oslo

EON World Tour/Avitech

XPAND 3D systems were recently used for the “Virtual 3D Learning World Tour” organized by the EON Reality Company and AVITECH, EON’s Romania-based partner. The event featured the presentation of 3D software applications and virtual reality software for education and research purposes.

Meet XPAND at Dimension3 and at CineEurope

Meet XPAND team at two events in the following weeks:

New Products from XPAND

RF Dongle


XPAND 3D is launching RF dongle device that plugs into the USB port of the XPAND YOUniversal Electronic 3D Eyewear and enables the glasses to communicate with RF devices using the widely available FULL HD 3D protocol. The RF dongle enables the XPAND YOUniversal Electronic 3D Eyewear to become the world’s first and only IR/RF hybrid 3D glasses. The RF dongle will be sold separately, but also bundled with YOUniversal Electronic 3D Eyewear.

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High End Home Cinema


The XPAND YOUniversal 3D Electronic Eyewear and AE125 IR emitter deliver unsurpassed 3D image quality in high-end home cinema installations. XPAND’s YOUniversal 3D Electronic Eyewear optimizes the 3D experience for every viewer, by modifying the 3D parameters for each user and for different 3D environments. These top-quality glasses offer unprecedented personal customization, compatibility with all types of 3D devices, long wearing comfort and appealing style.

The glasses accommodate the fact that every person’s eyes and facial structure is different, and that each wearer’s viewing requirements and home theater system are different. XPAND YOUniversal 3D Glasses are available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, and can be configured to communicate with infrared (IR), Bluetooth (BT) and radio frequency (RF) 3D systems.

XPAND’s AE125 IR emitter is specifically designed to meet the requirements of home theater environments. The AE125 is installed at the front of the theater and aimed at the viewers, providing full coverage in domestic applications where bouncing the IR signal off the screen (the 3D synchronization signal required by the glasses) is impractical. The AE125 utilizes 56 high-power, wide-angle diodes and can be used by up to 50 people.

Kit QC et VIP

XPAND 3D has introduced its new QC Cinema Kit, QC Pro Kit and VIP Cinema Kit.

The QC Cinema Kit includes: an AE125 Emitter, Mid-Range, Wide Angle-25 degrees, and 10 X103-C3 Infinity glasses.

The QC Pro Kit includes: an AE125 Emitter, Mid-Range, Wide Angle-25 degrees, and 10 X103-C1 Infinity Pro glasses.

The XPAND VIP Cinema Kit includes: an AE125 Emitter, Mid-Range, Wide Angle-25 degrees and 10 X104 LX1 YOUniversal Glasses.

New XPAND References

Fox QC Auditorium

XPAND 3D systems have been installed in 20th Century Fox’s preview theater in London. Now, when you book a film at 20th Century Fox in SoHo, you can see the film in 3D with XPAND!

News from 3D World

France Stops Silver Screens

The French CNC – Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée will compel all theaters which are equipped with passive solution to remove all the silver screens within the next 5 years. All theaters now have to apply the AFNOR standard, which specifies that the maximum light tolerance between center and angles of the screen cannot be more than 20%. With silver screen it is more than 50%. The CNC, CST and Directors Guild consider that silver screens do highly damage the quality of film in 2D and that is no more acceptable.

The French Cinema Federation of exhibitors have asked 5 years delay to proceed in order to be able to amortize the silver screens investments.

XPAND Technical Corner

New Recommended Projector Settings for XPAND 3D Cinemas

With the introduction of the Infinity Cinema 3D Glasses, there is a need to change projector settings in order to achieve the optimal quality of projector for all the glasses.

Old Settings:

  • -200 μs sync delay
  • 700 μs dark time
New Settings (M3DI Compliant):
  • -200 μs sync delay
  • 1100 μs dark time

The new settings are valid for these 3D Glasses models:

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