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XPAND News, October 10 2012

Good news from XPAND

XPAND Products are HFR Ready!


XPAND is pleased to announce that all XPAND glasses fully support single and double flash high frame rate (HFR) viewing, answering the demand for HFR capability in 3D cinema systems.

All of XPAND’s IR modules and emitters are now HFR-ready as well. There is an upgrade procedure for existing systems. Please contact Mr. Bernard Collard (bernard.collard@xpand.me) for EMEA or Mr. Glenn Arentzoff (glenn.arentzoff@xpand.me) for America for further details on upgrade.

XPAND's Introduces Passive 3D Solution


In a move to provide cinema industry professionals with more quality and choice than ever before possible, XPAND 3D introduces a new passive solution that delivers performance, comfort and commercial versatility to new, broader markets. The new XPAND Polarizer and Color Spacer passive systems will feature stunning new glasses that are lighter, more ergonomic and certainly more stylish than anything on the market today.

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XPAND's Medical Division Debuts its first product: Amblyz™


In what is the most significant advance in the treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye) in several decades, XPAND 3D introduced its Amblyz™ electronic glasses for the treatment of amblyopia. Amblyopia is a neural disorder affecting three to five percent of all children that has so far been treated by patching or penalizing one eye with chemical agents.

Using an electronic shutter to make one lens intermittently transparent or opaque, Amblyz™ electronic glasses occlude the healthy, strong eye in regular and intermittent periods to force the amblyopic eye to function and develop its muscles and neural connections. Secondly, the glasses are appealing and eliminate the discomfort — and social unease — of wearing a patch. These two points are key to increasing the likelihood that the child will receive a full and effective treatment.

XPAND Amblyz™ glasses will be available at select ophthalmologists and opticians beginning in December 2012.

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Recent Demos

IBC Laser Demo with Christie


In a landmark event, XPAND active 3D system was used with a Christie’s first laser projector for the screening of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo 3D at the IBC show in Amsterdam in September.

This marks the first feature-length 3D film to be screened using laser projection technology and also the first public screening of a 3D movie shown at full 2D movie specification brightness (14 FL). The screening was the final event of the IBC Big Screen showcase, which is dedicated to featuring the latest in cinema technology.

XPAND CEO, Maria Costeira, commented: "I think everyone, including us, who attended the screening of Hugo 3D at IBC was amazed by the clarity, brightness and realism of laser 3D. Laser technology will enable moviegoers to enjoy 3D in new detail, in new depth and in greater clarity than ever before imaginable! This is the future of 3D and the combination of Christie laser projectors with XPAND 3D technology creates the optimal 3D cinema ecosystem."

Red studio tests

XPAND 3D cinema systems were recently tested at Red Studios in Hollywood and all the glasses passed the target requirements.

Fox International Licensing Show

XPAND supported Fox’s invitation-only event at the International Licensing Show held in Las Vegas, where Fox showed a series of clips including Life of Pi in 3D for their (licensing) partners.


XPAND systems were used for JBL Synthesis’ demo room at CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. XPAND’s Infinity PRO 3D Glasses and AE125 emitter were deployed to show a demo reel of The Lorax 3D.

Astel Seminar in Turkey

XPAND attended a seminar hosted by Astel Elektronik, distributor of professional visual systems, in Turkey. The event was showed key customers (rental stagers and project companies) how to use 3D in their projects. Presenters at the event included:

  • Bernard Collard - Vice-President Sales & Business Development EMEA (XPAND)
  • Gavin Chatfield - Market Development Manager EMEA (CHRISTIE),
  • Simon Smith -Sales Director EMEA(CHRISTIE),
  • Selen Guler Arabacı – Product and Marketing Manager(ASTEL),
  • Yilmaz Kayabas – Technical Services Director (ASTEL)

3D Education

E-Animation Partnership

XPAND has recently partnered with E-Animations to develop 3D content for private and public schools. Together with E-Animations, XPAND will develop different learning methods and connect them to different hardware solutions. More info about E-Animations can be found at: http://www.eanim.com/



At ISTE 2012, XPAND 3D’s new EDUX3 3D Glasses were used at multiple exhibitor booths. Partners include Dell, Cyber Anatomy, Cyber Science, Lumens (Ladibug Document Cameras), Texas Instruments, Designmate and Panasonic.

XPAND EDUX3 3D Glasses feature the fastest active-shutter technology on the market for the best and the brightest 3D images available. Their Extended White-Light Range capability gives them the longest viewing distance in the industry. EDUX3 3D Glasses work without any installation—simply turn them on to view 3D content.

XPAND at film festivals

Venice Film Festival


For the fifth consecutive year, XPAND 3D provided its world-leading 3D cinema systems for the 69th Venice International Film Festival. One of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, the Venice International Film Festival took place August 29 through September 8, 2012. XPAND provided 3,000 of its Infinity 3D glasses at Sala Grande and 1,000 Infinity glasses at Sala Darsena and Sala Perla for screenings of Bait 3D. Mr. Kimble Rendall (on the photo) also attended one of the screenings.

Fantasia Film Festival

XPAND supported the Canadian premiere of Paranorman at the 16th Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

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