XPAND Active 3D Cinema System

Benefits of adopting XPAND Active 3D Cinema

Large venues

XPAND is also offering different kits for large theaters or theaters with a balcony. Usually the bigger theaters require more emitters (usual combinations of 2 or 4 emitters). When installing XPAND 3D Cinema system in really large venues, it is recommended to consult an XPAND representative to avoid mishaps in installation process.

3D Cinema

Technical Specifications

Technology Active polarization
Screen Matte White
In-theater operations Manage sensation/rotation of glasses, quality control issues, testing
Movement from screen to screen 10 minutes
Transition from 2D to 3D to 2D 1 second
Regular screen usage Yes
Ghosting No
Light efficiency optimal
Maximal screen size 24 meters (26 yards)
Stereoscopic Accuracy optimal
Color Fidelity optimal

Active 3D Cinema System Components

3D Glasses Active 3D Glasses: Cinema 3D Glasses, Infinity 3D Glasses (X103c), Pi Cinema 3D Glasses; Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses; XPAND 3D Glasses Lite Cinema
Emitters Mid-range IR External 3D Emitter (AE125), IR Emitter (AE 210), Radio Frequency (RF) Emitter, XPAND One
Distribution Module Distribution Module (AD1012H)
Accessories Emitter Mount (M210-25); Active Glasses IR Tester (AT100); XPAND 3D Trolley

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