Distribution Module AD1012H

The Distribution Module receives the frame sync signal from the projector or other source, converts it to XPAND’s proprietary synchronization pulse code and sends it to the IR emitter arrays.

It also supplies power to the emitter arrays and monitors their performance. It can control up to four IR emitter arrays simultaneously. In addition to the external IR arrays, the unit has its own set of IR emitters that will flood the projection booth with the IR signal. These IR diodes can be turned off if necessary.

The module is designed to be mounted on the front wall of the projection booth. Its dimensions are 21,8 × 10,7 × 5,8 cm (8.6 × 4.2 × 2.3 in). It weighs 0,43 kg (15 oz).

To conserve power and extend life, the distribution module activates the IR emitter arrays only if the frame sync signal is of a frequency higher than 36 Hertz and less than 80 Hertz. 3D movies use a sync rate of 48 to 72 Hertz while 2D movies use a sync rate of 24 Hertz. For this reason the unit does not have to be deactivated when 2D movies are being shown or if the projector is idle.

The module is HFR Ready.

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