Infinity 3D Glasses (Model No. X103c)

Following the immense success of XPAND original Cinema 3D Glasses Model X101, XPAND is presenting the new generation of Cinema 3D Glasses that can – along the X101 – fill different needs of cinematic exhibition of today, while retaining all the benefits of the older model of the 3D Glasses.

XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses are HFR Ready!

Lighter & more comfortable

XPAND X103c Series 3D Glasses have dramatically lighter frame – staggering 30%. Improved ergonomic design also ensure long-wearing comfort.

Extended Battery Life

XPAND X103c Series feature standard CR2032 battery. Battery life has been dramatically increased to more than 300 hours of use. On top of that, the battery is locked, yet it’s easily replaceable.

Improved Brightness and wide viewing angle

XPAND X103c Series feature improved brightness for accurate color experience. The wide viewing angle ensures optimal 3D experience no matter where you sit in the theatre!




XPAND Warranty and Support

XPAND Cinema 3D Glasses

Technical Specifications

Model X103-C
3D Technology Active Shutter Glasses
Sync Method IR
HFR Support Yes
Shuttering Frequency 96 Hz – 240 Hz
Lens Type LCD, TN
Lens Size 2.2" diagonal (57 mm)
Lens Transparency 37%
Contrast 2000/1
Battery Type CR2032 lithium coin battery (3 V, 220 mAh)
Operating Time min 300 h at 24 fps, triple flash (most common)
Battery Protection Locked, non-waterproof
Operating Temperature 43°F – 113°F (5°C – 45°C)

Frame Specification

Frame Dimensions 6.6" x 1.8" x 6.4" (167,6 × 45,72 × 162, mm)
Weight 1.9 oz (56 g)
Frame Color Red or Black
Earpieces Color Black

XPAND Cinema 3D Glasses

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