InstaDome by XPAND: World’s First Full Immersion Portable 3D Spherical Theater

XPAND InstaDome is 3D spherical theater, based on inflatable, highly immersive and thoroughly engaging full-view environment. It is simple to set it up, fast to deploy and easily portable – but above all, it is 3D enabled!

Simple, Portable, Affordable

The InstaDome’s projection system is based in the middle of the dome, recreating digital, high fidelity imagery of the known, unknown and imaginary worlds, multimedia experiences and immersive data panoramas that bring audiences face-to-face with beauty, contrasts, colors and shapes. Not only meant to capture the viewer’s awe for amazing and beautiful, InstaDome is also an extremely useful tool when it comes to the realm of the abstract and the scientific: by bringing simulations into visible, interactive and multi-sensory virtual space, it can serve as a data visualization tool for commercial or professional needs.

Equipped with high quality digital 3D projection system, tailored to meet the venue’s size, projection and budgetary needs, 3D domes and 3D caves are easily one of the more enchanting and comfortable pathways to virtual exploration of broad range of subjects – from education, entertainment, data vizualization, consumer lecturing and professional training, bringing together science, stories and digital technology into a compelling, collective multi-sensory experience that leave the viewers deeply engaged.

Where can it be used?

XPAND InstaDome is primarily meant for commercial venues and retail destinations, city plazas, tourist destinations, but it can easily be deployed by a wide range of institutions:

The Benefits of InstaDome

XPAND InstaDome is an immersive edutainment attraction that increases credibility of the venue by being a form of education, visitors’ retention and spending per capita, boosts visitor’s engagement, represents new source of income and provides new platform for venue events. In times when there’s a fierce competition for consumer’s free time, XPAND InstaDome and its edutainment aspect will serve as an anchor to your location.
By being an excellent addition to the venue’s branding with it’s unmistakeable character and high recognition value, XPAND InstaDome can help to significantly increase the length of the average visit, generate high new visitor numbers and improve customer loyalty. On top of that InstaDome provides:

The InstaDome Package

XPAND is offering whole package, which at all times is tailored to the customer’s needs and budget limitations.

Basic Components (Configurable)

InstaDome Specs

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