Mid-range IR External 3D Emitter (AE125H)

Mid-range IR External 3D Emitter (AE125H)

Every XPAND 3D System needs an emitter. Usually it’s IR emitter, although IR is just one of the communication paths – and most common, so far. XPAND 3D IR emitter system generates the infrared signal that synchronizes the active 3D glasses with the digital projector or any other digital display device (HDTV for example).

Nowadays the market is full of 3D ready TV sets – those have the IR emitters already built-in, but you may already own a HDTV that doesn’t. This is where an external emitter like Mid-range IR External 3D Emitter (AE125H) can come handy.


Protection Encrypted
Connector Type BNC (TTL levels)
Diodes 25 °
Setup Emitter must be aimed at screen and at the audience, if the screening room is very long
Coverage (number of seats) 50
Power Supply 110-240 V, power adapter included
HFR Ready? Yes

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