XPAND ONE Controller/Emitter

Optimal Solution for Small Venues or Independent Cinemas

The XPAND ONE is a system suitable for smaller venues only (art cinemas, privately owned cinemas, production studios) with a maximum capacity of 125 seats

XPAND ONE Kit includes:


Technical Specifications

Product Code ADE1512H
Protection Encrypted
Connector Type DB9, GPIO Connector
Setup The module is designed to be mounted on the window frame in the projection booth.
Dimensions L / W / H 12.48” (317 mm) x 3.43” (87 mm) x 1.34” (34 mm)
Tilt There are 4 adjustable pads on the bottom side of the emitter which can be used to tilt it. They add a minimum of 0.2” (5 mm) and a maximum of 0.5” (13 mm) to the vertical dimension of the emitter.
Weight 17.28 oz (0,49 kg)
Coverage (number of seats) 125
Compatibility all XPAND active 3D glasses that use InfraRed for 3D sync (Cinema 3D Glasses, Infinity 3D Glasses (X103c), Pi Cinema 3D Glasses; Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses)
Power Supply AC adapter included
Adapter Input 110-240 V
Adapter Output 24V DC @ 3A
HFR Ready? Yes

XPAND ONE Schematic Overview

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