Pi Cinema 3D Glasses

XPAND Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses are made to fit the heads of the youngest cinema audience. Much lighter in weight they make every moviegoer’s experience in 3D an enjoyable event!

XPAND Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses are HFR Ready!

Technical Specifications

Model X1031
3D Technology Active Shutter Glasses
Sync Method IR
HFR Support Yes
Shuttering Frequency 96 Hz – 240 Hz
Lens Type LCD, TN
Lens Size 2" diagonal (50 mm)
Lens Transparency 35%
Contrast 700/1
Battery Type CR2032 lithium coin battery (3 V, 220 mAh)
Operating Time min 300 h at 24 fps, triple flash (most common)
Battery Protection Locked, non-waterproof
Operating Temperature 43°F – 113°F (5°C – 45°C)

Frame Specifications

Frame Dimensions 5.9 × 1.7 × 5.9" (150 × 44 × 152 mm)
Weight 1.4 oz (39 g)
Frame Color Red
Earpieces Color Black

XPAND Cinema 3D Glasses

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