XPAND Universal 3D Glasses

Please note that the Universal 3D Glasses have been sold out and are not available anymore.

The World’s First Universal 3D Glasses

XPAND’s new battery powered, Universal 3D Glasses are the gateway to stunning theater quality 3D entertainment! We’ve taken what’s acknowledged as best for giant cinema screen and made it available for 3D home entertainment. The XPAND Universal 3D Glasses™ are the only glasses that can be used at home, in your office and in XPAND movie theaters — anywhere you go there is a 3D experience to remember.

State-of-the-Art Active Shutter 3D Technology

The XPAND Universal 3D Glasses is blend of state-of-the-art LCD technology, high-performance software, and simple, comfortable lightweight frames that work in combination to deliver games, movies, pictures, and graphics in the highest quality 3D. By being an active solution with fast switching speed, there are no headaches, ghosting, or eyestrain often associated with some other 3D solutions.

Not sure?

Do you want to know if your 3D TV or projector is one of many devices, compatible with Universal 3D Glasses? Check our ever growing list of brands of TVs and projectors, that are compatible with XPAND 3D technology.

The Broadest Compatibility

XPAND Universal 3D Glasses have been designed to have the broadest possible compatibility with today’s and tomorrow’s 3D TVs.

Wireless Plug and Play

No extra boxes or wires required to make this work. Simply put the universal glasses on and enjoy your 3D! The automatic On/Off switch ensures maximum battery life.

Play games. Watch sports. Watch movies

As for 3D content – welcome to the revolution! There are now over 500 PC games that can be played in 3D. Sony®, Ubisoft®, Crytek®, EA®, and Epic® have announced more 3D console games to come. ESPN®, The Discovery Channel®, Canal Plus™, Sky™ and many other broadcasters have announced new 3D Channels and increased programming. And let’s not forget the ever increasing number of 3D Blu-Ray titles to enjoy!

More fun and enjoyment playing in 3D – and at an affordable price

XPAND’s award-winning Universal 3D Glasses bring games, movies, pictures and other 3D content to life without headaches, fatigue, or eyestrain and at an affordable price. XPAND’s Universal 3D Glasses™ will be universally appreciated.

Technical Specifications

Lens size 2.2” diagonal (57mm)
3D Technology Active Shutter Glasses
Lens type LCD
Sync Method IR
Refresh 96 Hz to 144 Hz
Battery Life up to 100 hours
Battery Type CR2032 battery, 220mAh
Temperature 5 – 45° C

Frame Specifications

Weight 1.9 oz (56g)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 6.6” x 1.8” x 6.4”


What are people saying about XPAND Universal 3D Glasses?

“I had to buy replacement glasses for my son who broke the ones that came with 3D TV. The XPAND 3D glasses are amazing. It really blew us away and the image quality, brightness, colors and physical fit are so much better.”

“I’m addicted! I admit it and I’m proud of it! Watching football in 3D wearing my XPAND glasses puts me in a pleasant state of mind and makes the game captivating, almost hypnotizing. I love it! Period!”

“I’d tried everything in 3D: anaglyph, HMD, dual projector, and various shutter glasses, and XPAND is by far the best method. There is no “flicker“ and images have fine color and brightness.”

“This is fantastic for stereo 3D gaming. So much more immersive than anything else – it makes games incredible.”

“My XPAND glasses make the whole 3D experience a total 'wow-factor’. Yesterday we watched World Cup final in 3D and I was the only one who could move from room to room, from Panasonic to Sony TV without having to change 3D Glasses.”

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