DLP®-Link 3D Glasses

3D with DLP® Link™

Despite the growing availability of 3D sync methods, DLP® Link™ 3D communication has remained one of the popular options, especially but not only in education. DLP technology uses millions of microscopic, digital mirrors that reflect light to create a stunning picture for the best projectors on the market. This imaging technology is so fast, it can actually produce TWO images on the screen at the same time: One for the “left” eye and one for the “right” eye. To create an amazing 3D effect you need 3D Glasses that combine the two images. XPAND presents its 3rd generation of DLP® Link™ 3D Glasses: XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses (X103-EDUX3 / X103-EDUX3-R1).

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Features

Replaceable Batteries

Each battery averages 100 hours of active 3D. The glasses feature standard CR2032 batteries and can be easily replaced.


XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Series active glasses are rugged and flexible. The glasses were designed with flex points, which extend the lifetime of the glasses.

Automatic “OFF”

To better manage battery life, the Edux 3 3D Glasses Series glasses turn “OFF” automatically.

Small Size

To fit children faces’ better XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses come equipped with additional nose bridges.

The Brightest 3D Solution

3D requires as much light as possible. XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Series features the fastest shutter technology for the brightest image.

No installation

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Series works without any installation. The user simply turns on the glasses when they wish to view 3D content.

DLP®-Link / White Light Communication

To further eliminate potential crosstalk, XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Series is designed for DLP®-Link communication between the glasses and TV/projector.

The Highest Reliability in 3D Market

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Series components are built to work in extreme conditions, further endorsing XPAND’s long standing achievement of having the highest 3D reliability.

100% DLP®

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Series is optimized to work with DLP® chips.

Extended White-Light Range

Extended White-Light Range supports large rooms. The exact range depends on the amount of light coming from the projector or television. The average range with a 2500 ANSI Lumen projector is 40-50 feet. This is dependent on the projector and bulb life.

1 Year Limited Warranty

The components of the XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses Series are tested for durability, usability and accelerated stress.


The XPAND DLP®-Link 3D Glassess can be kept clean by using XPAND X-wipes.

What type of display can I use with XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses?

Any DLP® Link 3D ready projector or television.

Need more info?

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses are compatible with:

More information on www.dlp.com.

If you have a specific question about XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses, please also check the FAQ section or visit our XPAND DLP®-Link 3D Glasses forum.

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses can be upgraded to support Dual View Gaming. If you want the Dual View Gaming feature, email us at technicalsupport@xpandvision.com BEFORE BUYING them.

Technical Specifications

3D Technology Active Shutter Glasses
Lens Type LCD, TN
Sync Method DLP®-Link, White Light
Refresh Rate 96 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 124 Hz, 144 Hz1
Temperature 5 – 45° C
Battery Life 100 hours
Battery Type CR2032 battery, 220mAh

Frame Specifications

Lens size 2.2” diagonal (57mm)
Weight 1.9 oz (56 g)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 6.6” x 1.8” x 6.4”
Frame model X103
Frame Colour Black

1For the XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses produced prior to June 2013 the maximum refresh rate is 124 Hz. Glasses with 144 Hz refresh rate support have sticker with letter »H« on the inner side of the battery doors.

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