In a move to provide cinema industry professionals with more quality and choice than ever before possible, XPAND 3D introduced a new passive solution that delivers performance, comfort and commercial versatility to new, broader markets. The complete solution consists of two different polarization modulators, universal XPAND Motorized Mount and two lines of stylish passive 3D glasses – both lighter, more ergonomic and certainly more stylish than anything on the market today.

XPAND Passive Polarization Modulators

XPAND Passive 3D Polarization Modulator Gen2

Known by its short name Gen2 this is a second generation of XPAND passive polarization modulators. Compared to predecessor the Gen2 has numerous improvements in design, network connectivity, contrast ratio and many others. The modulator is overheating safe.

XPAND Trinity 3D Superlight Polarizer

Trinity 3D Superlight Polarizer delivers one of the best light efficiency levels in the comparable products class. It is designed for passive 3D cinemas with silver screen that require highest quality of 3D image: bright, sharp and immaculate.

XPAND Motorized Mount (universal for all XPAND passive polarization modulators)

The Motorized mount makes it simple to position the XPAND Passive 3D Polarization Modulator Gen2 or XPAND Trinity 3D Superlight Polarizer in front of the projector. Once installed, it automatically detects whether the passive system is in 3D mode or not and moves to the appropriate position accordingly. It is possible to mount it either on the floor, or the wall in front of the projector. It provides stable support for the passive system and can be installed even when only a small amount of room is available between the projector and the projection booth glass.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 5,6 kg (12.35 lb)
Maximum height of system at floor installation: 1358,5 mm (53.484 in)
Minimum height of system at floor installation: 552,5 mm (21.75 in)
Stroke: 250 mm (9.84 in)
Time: 7,5 sec
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Power Source: 24 V, 0.625 A

XPAND Passive 3D Glasses

To complete the Passive 3D Cinema solution XPAND presents two lines of passive 3D glasses, both extremely light in weight and with elegant design.

High Grade 4K Passive 3D Glasses

Technical specifications

Baseline Passive 3D Glasses

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