XPAND Stereoscopic 3D Player

Superb 3D software for any type of computer based 3D projection
Packaging: Downloadable 3D Stereoscopic Player Software
Price: $39.99

Product description

XPAND Stereoscopic Player is a full-featured 3D movie player. Play stereoscopic movie files and 3D-DVDs, watch stereoscopic webcast as well as live images from your camera or TV card, XPAND Stereoscopic Player supports a wide range of 3D hardware, including anaglyph glasses, XPAND X101, X102 glasses, XPAND Universal 3D Glasses, XPAND YOUniversal 3D Electronic Eyewear, autostereoscopic displays and projection systems. XPAND Stereoscopic Player supports all major 3D video formats.

Package contents

The downloadable package contains trial version of the software and a manual.

XPAND Stereoscopic 3D Player - Downloadable 3D Stereoscopic Player Software
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