Dual View Gaming FTW!

What is Dual View Gaming?

Imagine playing a first-person shooter with a mate and being able to see only your screen, and having them only able to see their screen. No peeking, no cheating, no resolution loss and best of all, a full screen to work with. 

How Does it Work?

Dual View Gaming allows you to take what would normally be a split screen multiplayer gaming session (two players only), and each play with a full screen. One pair of glasses allows you to see player one’s screen, while the other pair allows you to see player two’s screen. This feature is compatible with any console game that includes a top-bottom split screen but is better enjoyed with games (such as Black Ops 2) that have been specifically designed for Dual View Gaming.

What TV shows

What Player 1 sees

What Player 2 sees

XPAND 3D™ 3D Glasses for Dual View Gaming

XPAND (DLP®-Link™) 3D Glasses
XPAND (DLP®-Link™) 3D Glasses, the new member of XPAND Lite Family, were designed on the basis of XPAND’s home cinema quality 3D Glasses model to offer the same line of 3D glasses for single chip DLP® projectors and televisions using DLP®-Link™ 3D communication.

XPAND (DLP®-Link™) 3D Glasses support the Dual View Mode when the dual view signal is emitted. The dual view mode can be selected manually.

XPAND 3D Glasses Lite IR/RF
Extremely light in design, universally compatible and affordable active 3D glasses feature two models, each with its own 3D sync protocol. You can choose either Radio Frequency (like for example Bluetooth™) or Infrared 3D Sync.

XPAND 3D Glasses Lite IR support Dual View Gaming when the dual view signal is emitted (from Philips Active IR TVs or Panasonic IR TVs), whereas XPAND 3D Glasses Lite RF support manual selection of dual view mode for dual view gaming.

YOUniversal Electronic 3D Eyewear
YOUniversal Electronic 3D Eyewear features sleek design, light frames in different sizes and colours and 3D personalization. On top of that: together with RF Dongle they are truly universal – they work with most of 3D devices, no matter what 3D sync method they use: IR or Radio Frequency (like for example Bluetooth™)

YOUniversal Electronic 3D Eyewear fully support dual view mode for dual view gaming, both in basic version as well as in combination with RF Dongle. The dual view mode can be selected manually.

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses can be upgraded to support dual view gaming. If you want the Dual View Gaming feature, email us at technicalsupport@xpandvision.com BEFORE BUYING them.

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