Trinity w. mount (HB105C2)

The latest product of the XPAND Passive 3D Cinema lineup, Trinity 3D Superlight Polarizer delivers one of the best light efficiency levels in the comparable products class. It is designed for passive 3D cinemas with silver screen that require highest quality of 3D image: bright, sharp and immaculate. Combined with XPAND High Grade Passive 3D Glasses the Trinity 3D Superlight Polarizer is the best there is in the passive 3D cinema today.


Easy and fast mirror adjustment: for best alignment and radical reduction of the setup time, precise mirror adjustment is done with professional grade adjustment screws

Individually calibrated and fine-tuned lens for optimization of contrast, transparency and color

Quality and performance test of each individual unit.

Position support: the polarizer is shipped together with a support stand and a motorized mount designed for a fast and simple setup and automatic translation between the 2D and 3D positions.

Innovative dust blockage enables extended times of maintenance-free operation

Engineered, manufactured and assembled in EU


  • The system can be controlled and moved via macros on the server
  • The modulator can be configured by Configuration utility1
  • Service upgradable firmware


  • XPAND Trinity Calibration Image – DCP Package available here (zip file)

The XPAND Trinity 3D Superlight Polarizer features a setup and configuration utility which can be used for changing advanced settings on the unit. Trinity’s default settings enable it to work out of the box so no configuration is required. However, based on the system with which the modulator is used, some settings may need to be changed to ensure desired operation.

Download the Configuration Utility (PC based).

Please note: The Configuration Utility is subject to updates so make sure to check the help file bundled with each release for up to date information about its features and functionality!


Projector Type DCI DLP projectors
Maximum Lamp Power 7 KW
Silver Screen Standard (min gain 2.4)
New Generation (min gain 1.7)
Compatible Glasses Passive Glasses (Circular Polarization)
Optical Transmission 0.7
Stereoscopic Contrast 5.417361111
3D Technology Triple beam polarization modulator
Light Efficiency 0.28
Dark Time 450 us
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60 ºC (32 ~ 140°F) – noncondensing!
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 85 ºC (-4 ~ 185°F) – noncondensing!
Relative Humidity 20% – 90%
Remote Access Ethernet, GPIO
Supported Stereo Sync Frequencies 24 Hz to 160 Hz, HFR support. All commonly encountered frequencies are supported: 48 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 72 Hz (triple flash 24 Hz cinema), 96 Hz (double flash 48 Hz HFR cinema), 120 Hz (double flash 60 Hz HFR cinema)
Input Terminal 3D GPIO 9 pin DB9 male connector.
Converter cables to DB15 and DB37 connectors commonly found on projectors are included.
Input LAN  8P8C (RJ-45/Ethernet) Connector
“MOTION CONTROL” Output Terminal Stereo (a cable with stereo or mono 3.5 mm plug can be used)
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