ELAVO complete system w.o. tank

ELAVO™ ECO+ Cleaning, Sanitization and Distribution system offers immaculate cleaning results for optimal 3D performance. It presents a good cost saving solution with its environmental efficiency, zero micro plastics emissions and 100% bacteria removal.



With an ROI of less than 1 year, the ELAVO™ cleaning solution aims to make cleaning and handling of 3D eyewear less expensive and easier on the theatre staff to manage.


  • The lightweight and attractive rack design provides flexibility for distribution, collection, and storage of 3D eyewear.
  • Built in Reservoir/Built in portable water reservoirs contribute to the mobility of the system.
  • With the unique portability of the ELAVO™ sanitization system, you the exhibitor have the freedom to place the washer where you can maximize the use of your valuable labor resources.


  • Using less than 0.6 kWh per cycle the ELAVO™ sanitization system is so efficient it can be powered from a single phase outlet.
  • ELAVO™ sanitization system provides incredible cleaning power plus the throughput to keep pace with your 3D film screenings and does so using less than 4 centiliters (1.35 oz) of water per set of glasses.
  • Unique forced air drying system reduces cycle time, consumes less power than standard drying systems and results in superior optical performance of your 3D eyewear.


  • Inventive cart and racks design minimizes the risks associated with lifting racks of glasses for distribution or for loading into the sanitization system. Innovative rail system allows 6 racks of 3D eyewear to be loaded at one time into the sanitization system saving time and minimizing physical fatigue.
  • Maximum lifting weight is less than 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs).


The small but efficient footprint of the ELAVO™ sanitization system allows it to be used and stored almost anywhere.


XPANDVISION’s specially formulated anti-bacterial washing agents are auto dispensed in the sanitization system at a rate determined to maximize cleaning without waste.



(W x H x D)
675 × 1710 × 667 mm
(26.6” x 67.3” x 26.2”)
Weight 120 kg (264.5 lbs)
Noise <60 dBA
Electricity 230VAC @ 50Hz EU/UK version
(240VAC @ 60Hz – US/JPN version):
Max power: 3000W
Electrical connection – Schuko Type F
– Type G – UK version
– NEMA 6-15P – US/JPN version)
Water connection 3/4”
Water pressure (water grid supply) 1 – 4 bar (15 – 60 psi)
Water drain diameter 13 – 24 mm (1/2” – 7/8”)
Max ELAVO Rack capacity 6pcs
Max Glasses capacity 84pcs / 96pcs / 180pcs
(X101 / X106 / PASSIVE)
Manual Elavo manual


Fresh water capacity 50 liters (13.2 US gal)
Drain water capacity 50 liters (13.2 US gal)


(W x H x D)
605 × 940 × 505 mm
(23.8” x 37.0” x 19.9”)
Weight 21 kg (47 lbs)
Max ELAVO Rack capacity 6pcs + 6pcs
Max Glasses capacity
(X101 / X106 / PASSIVE)
up to 168pcs / 192pcs / 360pcs


(W x H x D)
528 × 129 × 468 mm
(20.9” x 5.1” x 18.4”)
Single empty weight 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Single loaded weight
(X101 / X106 / PASSIVE)
2 kg / 1,8 kg / 1,6 kg
(4.4 lbs / 3.9 lbs / 3.5 lbs)
Glasses quantity (single rack)
(X101 / X106 / PASSIVE)
14pcs / 16pcs / 30pcs
Glasses quantity (set of six)
(X101 / X106 / PASSIVE)
84pcs / 96pcs / 180pcs


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