Fighting Coronavirus with our ELAVO Sanitization System
XPANDVision would like to thank you and acknowledge your faithful patronage of our products over the past 13 years. But the enduring Coronavirus pandemic is certainly raising questions that have not been asked in the past. So as one of your valued suppliers we wanted to advise you on what our cleaning products are capable of doing, and what steps we are pursuing to make them better.

XPANDVision has for years offered a packaged cleaning wipe solution that was primarily designed to clean the lenses of oils left as a result of use. That would be from fingers, facial oils, and even foods. The second purpose of the wipes was to kill most bacteria. We think our wipes do a great job at this. However, a viral pandemic was not in our realm of thinking at that time. We also acknowledge that the effectiveness of wipes is very dependent on the thorough application of the wipe on all parts of the glasses by the user or someone associated with the exhibitor. This is probably pretty ‘hit or miss’. The lens is probably well cleaned but the frame may not get the same diligent attention as the lens. A more reliable method would be to wash the glasses in some kind of machine that was designed for that purpose. However, these types of machines are hard to find.

In 2018 XPANDVision decided that current 3D eyewear washing machines were not adequately doing the job. So we designed and introduced the XPANDVision ELAVO™ washing/sanitization machine. This machine was designed to clean 3D eyewear by removing oils, and then sanitize by killing bacteria and many viruses. Success in killing a particular virus is dependent on the type of surface being cleaned, the type of virus, and the combination of time and temperature needed to kill the virus. Most viruses are successfully killed by our ELAVO™ washing/sanitization machine which has a 15-22 minutes drying cycle and reaches the temperature of more than 60˚C (140˚F).

However, XPANDVision is being diligent in its understanding of viruses and in its pursuit of additional products or solutions that can be offered to make users more confident that our 3D eyewear is as clean and sterile as we can make them. Please keep an eye out for future information from us on this subject in the near future.