XPAND 3D at CinemaCon 2013

April 8, 2013
XPAND 3D – World’s Global Leader In 3D Debuts New Product for Its Passive 3D Systems at CinemaCon 2013

As the international market leader in 3D, XPAND 3D will showcase the world’s most extensive range of cinema solutions while debuting new products for their market leading Passive systems.

At CinemaCon 2013 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas XPAND 3D will exhibit all of their 3D cinema solutions, which have elevated them to the top of the worlds 3D markets — including their industry leading active systems, as well as passive systems. XPAND 3D is the only 3D technology provider to offer all possible 3D solutions for cinemas—all of which are High Frame Rate compatible.

On display at the XPAND 3D booth will be the debut of the new “Motorized Mount” for the Passive 3D Polarization Modulator. The motorized passive system mount makes it simple to position the XPAND Passive 3D polarization modulator in front of the projector. Once installed, it automatically detects whether the passive system is in 3D mode or not and moves to the appropriate position accordingly. It provides stable support for the passive system and can be installed even when only a small amount of room is available between the projector and the projection booth glass.

The XPAND Passive Polarization Modulator delivers cinema industry professionals with much better quality and choice than ever before. Developed to deliver performance, comfort and commercial versatility, the Passive Polarization Modulator is simple, easy to set-up and use with no moving parts and low cost maintenance. It provides crisp, sharp images for 3D screen sizes up to 58 ft. Compatible with standard polarized 3D glasses and future proof to the rapidly evolving 3D market.

XPAND 3D offers a wide range of high-end IR and RF systems that cover spaces from 10 to more than 5,000 seats. Ranging from their fully immersive studio endorsed XPAND 3D Cinema System for standard size and large cinema venues to the XPAND ONE solution for small theaters with a maximum capacity of 125 seats. Along with their Active 3D Cinema Solution, XPAND’s Passive 3D Cinema solution has been recently approved by Disney:

“The Walt Disney Company has always been known for its quality and attention to detail. Theatrically, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (“WDSMP”) maintains those same high standards in the quality of the presentation of its movies. A significant part of that achievement is the equipment that supports this endeavor. In the rapidly changing world of digital cinema, WDSMP is maintaining an Approved Equipment List.”

To see all the vast array of XPAND 3D cinema solutions visit them at CinemaCon 2013, April 15-18 (Augustus Ballroom, Booth No. 2003A).

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