XPAND 3D Appoints Jorge Dantas

April 10, 2014
XPAND 3D Appoints Jorge Dantas as Country Manager – Brazil & Senior Vice President – Americas

XPAND 3D today announced the appointment of Jorge Dantas to the position of Senior Vice President for Americas and Country Manager for Brazil.

In his new role, Dantas will be responsible for overseeing XPAND’s new businesses development, sales and strategic deployment.

Dantas joins XPAND from Japanese Group, NEC, where he served for 15 years on management positions, most recently as Department Manager, catering digital cinema and digital signage solutions. Prior to that Dantas was a regional manager for Latin America and Caribbean for cloud computing and IT platform business. Dantas holds a Masters degree in International Business from the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands and also has a wealth of experience in European and Americas markets.

“XPAND 3D’s position of global leader in multidimensional imaging and visualization solutions, production and IP licensing gives the company the opportunity to translate their know-how into cost reduction for customers with an unbeatable quality,” Dantas said. “The American market represents a huge opportunity for growth on one hand and for diversification on the other. I am looking forward to the challenge of helping XPAND grow and develop.”

“With the strong belief that a company is its people, we welcome Jorge and expect his in depth knowledge of the Region and of the digital solutions world to become another solid foundation for our company,” said Maria Costeria, XPAND’s CEO. “I am positive that he will be serving our customers at the highest service levels, and that we will be developing many long lasting co-operations in the Americas..”

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