Record Breaking Attendance for Fly Me To The Moon

November 5, 2008
XpanD, a dominant international leader in 3D Digital experiences and technology platforms, is pleased to report the overwhelming success on the release of Fly Me to The Moon (nWave Pictures), with the highest number of XpanD 3D screens throughout Europe, capturing an audience of approximately 73,000 during the film’s first five days of release.

Sustaining the largest international market share of 3D screens, spanning three continents, XpanD predicts these numbers will grow substantially with Fly Me to the Moon’s current rating as the 4th most successful 3D film in 2008, based on audience numbers per screen. A delightful animated feature for the entire family, the film embarks on the US space program and man’s first walk on the moon, joined by Nat, IQ and Scooter, three adventurous flies who are the key characters of the film and narrated by esteemed Hollywood talent.

Gaining momentum and popularity, 3D experiences are rapidly become a mainstream theatre event which are dictating the demand for the production of more and more 3D films by some of the best filmmakers delivering this contemporary format.

"These numbers prove our strategic plan was on target in order to grow the international 3D marketplace when launching our active technology earlier this year," says Maria Costeira, CEO. "Our goal was to have as many screens possible for the blockbuster releases to support the 3D movement while providing the best stereoscopic technology available to audiences worldwide."

With these growing attendance records, XpanD is forging new markets each month and is preparing for a new product rollout during the first quarter of 2009 with several enhancements to existing 3D technologies. Climbing to nearly 400 theatres globally, XpanD’S projections indicate numbers of more than 500 screens by the end of 2008.

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