Europalaces Relies on XpanD 3D to Screen Bolt 3D

February 9, 2009
Europalaces Theatres screen Bolt 3D in XpanD, premiering the X101 series 3D glasses.

XpanD, the international leaders in 3D cinemas and technologies, united with patrons of Europalaces Theaters in France attending the new Disney animated movie Bolt 3D by providing the XpanD Series 101 3D glasses, which launched this week in a sleek, new model, that produces the brightest, flicker-free stereoscopic image possible.

"Moviegoers who enjoy Bolt 3D on the XpanD system will be getting the top-of-the-line experience of this great new Disney release," says XpanD CEO Maria Costeira. "Europalaces now has the power of 3D exhibition and will be able to delight customers with many more of the excellent 3D titles that are coming out of movie studios today."

XpanD supplied Europalaces theaters with 10,000 sets of the newly upgraded X101 Series 3D active glasses that work in conjunction with an XpanD infrared emitter system to transform any DCI compliant digital cinema projection system into a 3D system. The Europalaces installations have also been equipped with 20 DCP-2000 digital cinema servers from Doremi Cinema who has been instrumental in the global digital deployment, particularly in France.

Having more than 400 installations in digital cinema venues worldwide, with a leading market position throughout Europe and Asia coupled with 100+ installs scheduled for the first quarter, XpanD has taken a commanding lead in the 3D technology race to deliver superior stereoscopic active technology. Additional products and additional ventures will be announced in the coming months, as the company continues to grow its base of installations

and develop a robust line of applications to serve the rapidly growing 3D exhibition industry and provide theaters and their customers with the best possible 3D experience.

About Doremi

Since 1985, Doremi has been a leading developer and manufacturer of audio and video technologies used in broadcast, post-production and digital cinema. Today, Doremi's team of world-class engineers continues to introduce innovative products and solutions to the entertainment industry as it transitions to all digital platforms. Doremi was the first company to integrate JPEG2000 capabilities into its digital cinema mastering and playback equipment and has over 5500 units installed worldwide. For more information on Doremi Digital Cinema, visit www.doremicinema.com.


Industry veterans from theatrical exhibition, film production & distribution, specialty film formats and digital technologies created XpanD. This broad range of professionals is a diversely experienced team of professionals driving the force in creating the absolute digital 3D cinema experience. XpanD offers several unique 3D theater solutions and has partnered with hundreds of exhibitors, who continue to enjoy substantial returns from XpanD's high-end technology, ongoing operations and creative marketing strategies.

X6D Limited, marketing its products under the brand XpanD, has subsidiaries in the United States with a production facility in Portland, Oregon (XpanD Inc.), Nevada and in Los Angeles, California (X6D USA Inc.), which includes a technology division specializing in design, engineering and installation of fully-integrated, DCI compliant theater systems for the institutional and attractions market, which incorporates audio/visual displays and show controls, digital signage and a host of other interactive and immersive technology applications to create multi-use theater facilities.

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