The Wait Is Over: XpanD Unveils World’s First Universal 3D Glasses At IFA

September 2, 2010
XpanD Universal 3D Glasses, designed to work seamlessly with the broadest range of 3D-ready television displays and XpanD 3D cinemas, redefine entertainment style, quality and sophistication from the cinema to the home.

XpanD is unveiling its highly anticipated Universal 3D Glasses at IFA. The glasses, which are available in four colors and different shapes and sizes to meet any 3D enthusiast’s unique style and size, are solving the biggest 3D challenge in consumer electronics – the incompatibility between different 3DTV manufacturers. With XpanD Universal 3D Glasses, anyone can experience the most engaging and dynamic 3D technology with any 3D-ready television display in virtually any environment.

“This is the moment the consumer electronics and retail worlds have been waiting for; the moment where the consumer can simply enjoy their favorite 3D movie, video game or television show in their home, at their friend’s home, in the office and even in the cinema without worrying about whether they have the right combination of 3D-ready equipment,” stated XpanD CEO Maria Costeira. “We continue to lead the global 3D revolution with our Universal 3D Glasses.”

While retailers have struggled with selling 3D glasses that are only compatible with a single brand of 3D-ready television, the XpanD Universal 3D Glasses are compatible with any 3D-ready display, regardless of brand. This “must-have” technology is a tremendous benefit to retailers, as the Universal 3D Glasses will help drive sales of 3D-ready displays.

“3D-ready equipment is not simply enough for us and XpanD is driving the ‘easy 3D’ revolution. As consumers invest in 3D technology for the home, it is important to appreciate every aspect of the system from the deep, eye-popping visuals to the physical appearance of the glasses themselves,” stated Ami Dror, chief strategy officer, XpanD. “The XpanD Universal 3D Glasses have had a profound impact on the consumer electronics industry since the universal glasses were merely a concept. The glasses’ compatibility with any 3D television in the home makes the consumer adaptation easy, and gives retailers a practical solution.”

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